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Happy Thanksgiving! From our family to yours, please enjoy our compilation of Whitcomb family recipes, tips and tricks to make your holiday an extra special one. 

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Check out our special Thanksgiving issue of our Simply Rooted® Magazine

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Enhancing life one meal at a time.™

What does this statement mean to our customers? It means that we strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers every day, with every meal we serve. We achieve our mission by cultivating a culture that focuses on three key principles:


People: Treat Everyone Like Family.

Our team members are part of the Whitsons family...and our team extends this culture of care to our customers. With every customer we serve, we take great care to meet his or her needs and provide a meal that is both nutritious and delicious.


Food: Wholesome Foods That Taste Great.

Our customers should be able to trust that they are enjoying meals made from wholesome ingredients, cooked from scratch.  We believe it is important to serve the same kinds of meals to our customers that they would serve at home.


Communications: Listen, Learn and Lead.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of our customers’ needs and anticipate how to respond to them. We create open lines of communication with our management team, as well as with company owners, to give you direct, personalized service that guarantees your satisfaction or provides quick resolutions.


At Whitsons, these three key principles enable us to provide a dining program that nourishes our customers’ bodies and minds. The results are greater customer satisfaction, increased participation and a nutritional awareness that helps build lifelong healthy eating habits.