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 Board of Directors


Whitcomb Robert SM  

Robert E. Whitcomb, FMP, Chairman and CEO
Robert Whitcomb is a company founder and Whitsons’ Chairman and CEO. In this capacity, he assumes a hands-on role in all aspects of the Company’s management, including strategic planning initiatives, operations, team member development and customer service policies. He is also responsible for the oversight of Whitsons’ Prepared Meals division. Bob’s team member-centered philosophy and focus on empowerment has been instrumental in driving Whitsons’ growth into new markets and geographies. He is a Past President of the Society for Foodservice Management (SFM) following a successful term as the 2001-2002 President. In 2009, Bob was honored with the prestigious IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) Silver Plate Award for excellence in onsite management.


Whitcomb Douglas SM  

Douglas Whitcomb, FMP, President
Douglas Whitcomb is President of Whitsons and, as a company founder, has been actively involved in the company’s operations since its inception. Currently, he oversees the company’s Support Services, including Marketing and Purchasing. An entrepreneur in the truest sense, Doug plays a leadership role in all areas of the company’s operations, steering the company in new directions and increasing scope of services, maximizing quality, streamlining operations and developing new markets for business growth. His talents are critical in promoting Whitsons in our target markets.  In addition, Doug continues to research and implement ways in which to maximize the company’s operational efficiency, quality and scope of services. His efforts have greatly contributed to Whitsons’ exponential growth and continued success.



Whitcomb John SM



John Whitcomb, FMP, Chief Operations Officer
John Whitcomb is a company founder, Whitsons’ Chief Operations Officer and oversees our School Nutrition division. John has been at the helm of numerous nutrition initiatives, is responsible for instituting the company’s third-party audit program and has spearheaded the creation of Whitsons’ “CFE” (Center For Excellence) account-level accreditation and reward program and “ACE” (Achiever of Culinary Excellence), the company’s four-year certificate program to recognize individual performance. Through his leadership, Whitsons continues to lead the industry with innovative culinary and nutrition awareness programs.



Bunster Beth SM



Beth “Whitcomb” Bunster, Chief Financial Officer
Beth Bunster is the CFO and a shareholder in Whitsons, responsible for developing and implementing the company’s long-range financial strategy and growth plan. Beth’s other responsibilities include overseeing Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounting, financial statement preparation and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, internal auditing, long-range system design and implementation and cash flow analysis. In addition to her day-to-day responsibilities, Beth plays a key role in creating and implementing the company’s strategic plan.



Whitcomb Paul SM



Paul Whitcomb, Executive Vice President
Paul Whitcomb is a principal shareholder and Whitsons’ Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with potential and existing clients. In this capacity, Paul continues to lead the company’s sales team in maintaining record growth in all markets.  He is also responsible for overseeing the development of Whitsons’ brand identity, including the development of segment branding and multimedia advertising and public relations campaigns. With over twenty years of experience in the company, Paul has served in many areas of the organization, meeting each challenge with a fresh and intuitive perspective that has been invaluable to Whitsons’ success.


Whitcomb Michael SM  

Michael Whitcomb, Vice President
Michael Whitcomb is an executive shareholder and a Whitsons’ Vice President, responsible for the business development of our prepared meals programs. In this capacity, Michael oversees client relations, developing new relationships with prospective clients and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. He is also responsible for program and product line development. On the operations side, Michael is responsible for managing Whitsons’ prepared meal depots throughout the Northeast, where meals are assembled and distributed to customer sites. Involved in all aspects of Whitsons since its inception, Michael has worn “many hats”, giving him diverse hands-on experience that enables him to provide unique perspective and the ability to deliver solutions.


Whitcomb Andrew SM  

Andrew Whitcomb, Executive Chef
Andrew Whitcomb is an executive shareholder and has been with Whitsons almost since the company’s inception. As an Executive Chef, he is responsible for creating and testing new recipes and preparing the finest quality food for our customers, as well as creating sample dishes for tastings and presentations. His unique, eclectic culinary creations have been enjoyed at events ranging from intimate gatherings to elegant banquets for thousands of guests. Andy has had the privilege of serving such distinguished guests as former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorcese, Bette Midler and other celebrities, at well-known venues such as Lincoln Center in Manhattan and the Vanderbilt estate on Long Island. Andy studied at Le Cordon Bleu in France and was honored with the Culinary Chef of the Year Award by the American Culinary Federation’s Long Island chapter.


Whitcomb William SM  

William Whitcomb, Director of Fleet Services
William Whitcomb is an executive shareholder with Whitsons and oversees the company’s fleet vehicles, telecommunications systems and the company’s Islandia headquarters physical plant. Under Bill’s management, Whitsons has developed a sophisticated telecommunications network enabling 24-hour imSMiate access to all field management personnel. He also oversaw the installation of an electronically monitored GPS tracking system for the company’s entire vehicle fleet. Bill is also directly responsible for ensuring that our Islandia headquarters and main culinary center remain completely operational, including maintaining complete systems redundancy with multiple backup generators.




Operations Management


   Friend Kelly SM   Gersbeck John SM   Whitcomb Craig SM 

Kellyann Friend, FMP,

Senior Vice President


John Gersbeck, FMP,

Senior Vice President


Craig Whitcomb,

Regional Vice President

   kunnmann christine SM    Prunier John SM   Emery Rick SM 

Christine Kunnmann,

District Manager


John Prunier,

District Manager


Rick Emery,

FMP, District Manager

   Armenti Joe SM  

Fautas Marc SM

  Evitts Lisa SM

Joseph Armenti,

District Manager


Marc Fautas,

District Manager


Lisa Evitts-DePaolo,

District Manager

  Kirn Mark SM    Fautas Chris SM   Gersbeck Karen SM

Mark Kirn,

District Manager


S. Chris Fautas, FMP,

District Manager / Director of Quality Assurance


Karen Gersbeck,

District Manager

  Berry Scott SM Whitcomb Billy JR SM

Scott Berry,

District Manager


Bill Whitcomb Jr.,

Corporate Auditor















Culinary R&D


  koutras John SM    Sandmann Richard SM   Reynolds Kim SM

John Koutras,

District Manager / Corporate Executive Research Chef


Richard Sandmann,

Regional Chef/Concept Trainer


Kim Reynolds,

Visiting Elementary School Chef

   johnson peter SM    Barfuss Katherine SM    

Peter Johnson,

Culinary R&D Director


Katherine Barfuss,R.D.,

Registered Dietitian



Support Services


   Kevorkian Corinne SM    Von Seggern Holly SM   Norton Erin SM

Corinne P. Kevorkian,

Senior Vice President, Administration and General Counsel



Holly Von Seggern,

Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management


Erin Norton, FMP, PHR

Director of Talent Management

  Monne Gustavo SM    Marinaro Michael SM    Scott Karen SM

Gustavo J. Monne,

Director of IT Operations


Michael Marinaro,

Director of Purchasing


Karen Scott,


  Watson Jennifer SM        

Jennifer Watson,

Director of Communications


Brenna Schettino,

Director of Risk Management




Business Development


  Orsillo Ozzie SM   Simkiss Mark SM   Walshon Jeanine SM

Ozzie Orsillo,

Regional Vice President of Business Development


Mark Simkiss,

Regional Vice President of Business Development


Jeanine Walshon,

Director of Business Development