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A Day of Learning and...

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How to Ensure Your...

As we all know, children need to eat a healthy and balanced meal...Read More

Welcoming New Team...

  Our team at Stryker is very excited to announce the...Read More

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Welcome to Whitsons’ community blog site! We believe it is important to get involved with our team members, clients and customers, as well as create a space for information exchange, interesting perspectives and interactive communications.

Here, you will find professionals from all around the company sharing their experiences and knowledge on a range of topics, from industry-specific trends and recipes, to health and nutrition and team motivation. Feel free to subscribe to this page (see button top right hand corner) to be notified of the latest postings. If you like something you read, go ahead and share with your friends on Facebook, tweet it or send the link as an email.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and to sharing about everything we stand for: People, Food and Communications. Enjoy!!

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Remembering Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Posted by Jennifer Watson
Jennifer Watson
Jennifer has been with Whitsons for over 14 years as an integral part of the Sales and Marketing departments. ...
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on Monday, 23 March 2015
in Team Motivation
hands clasped 3
Economically, our country is facing some of the biggest challenges ever. The one thing that has remained constant throughout this rollercoaster economy is that the customer is our treasure and deserves to be treated as such. Regardless of our country's financial situation, the importance of customer...
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The Green Burrito

Posted by Fooditude
Fooditude is a way of thinking…a way of acting. Fooditude emphasizes the importance of food, and your attitude...
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on Monday, 16 March 2015
in Recipes
Spring is on its way this week, and thoughts of green are popping up everywhere! (Not to mention, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day). So as you are enjoying the green bagels and corned beef and cabbage (or maybe not), why not change it up with another green-inspired creation: the green burrito! A health...
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The Facts About Fiber

Posted by Ryan Whitcomb, RD, CDN
Ryan Whitcomb, RD, CDN
Ryan Whitcomb, RD, CDN is part of the Whitsons team of nutritionists, where he serves as a Registered Dietitia...
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on Tuesday, 10 March 2015
in Health & Nutrition
Oat meal
Fiber. You’ve heard the word before and you’ve seen it advertised on product labels in grocery stores everywhere, but what is it? More importantly, why do we need it? Fiber, also known as roughage, is indigestible plant material that is not broken down by the body. This nutrient is found solely in c...
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Coping with Food Allergies

Posted by Leslie Fazin
Leslie Fazin
Leslie Fazin is a recent addition to the Whitsons team, where she serves as Communications Associate. Leslie i...
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on Monday, 02 March 2015
in Health & Nutrition
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  When your child is newly diagnosed with a food allergy, life suddenly gets more complicated. Gone are the worry-free days of enjoying a restaurant-prepared meal, a festive celebration or a family-made dinner. Instead, these situations are filled with a tremendous amount of stress — and planning —...
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