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Bill Whitcomb Jr....

Listen Now: Whitsons' 'School Garden Guru', Bill Whitcomb Jr....Read More

Chef Emily Visits...

  Celebrity Chef, Emily Peterson visited students of...Read More

Jeffrey Taddeo Accepts...

Congratulations to Jeffrey Taddeo and his entire team at the New...Read More

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bill-whitcomb-jr-is-interviewed-on-k-12-foodies Listen Now: Whitsons' 'School Garden Guru', Bill Whitcomb Jr. discusses the benefits of school gardens and gives tips on how to get them started at your school district on K12Foodies, an online podcast focused on K-12 child nutrition!   Click here to listen   Bill Whitcomb Jr. has spearheaded Whitsons’ School Garden program, helping to create sustainable gardens on school district property. These gardens provide not only locally grown produce, but a unique curriculum platform for students.   Bill Whitcomb Jr. has helped develop programs at a variety of schools from single raised beds to greenhouse systems. Follow Bill Whitcomb Jr. on Twitter @WCG_GardenGuru. To learn more about Whitsons garden programs, email gardens@whitsons.com.  Read More
chef-emily-visits-hampton-bays-middle-school  Celebrity Chef, Emily Peterson visited students of Hampton Bays Middle School in Hampton Bays, New York preparing and presenting a delicious and healthy Spanish inspired school lunch menu of tortilla pie, fresh green salad and plantains; inspiring students and future chefs alike! Click here to see video of the event.     To find out Chef Emily's school tour dates, contact Jessica Z. Diaz at diazj@whitsons.com.       About Chef Emily: Emily Peterson is an awarded food writer, culinary instructor, professor of food studies at NYU, and creator of Sharp & Hot. Her work has been featured on Edible. Modern Farmer, Martha Stewart, Robb Report, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox, Food Network and Vegetarian Times. Learn more at www.chefemilypeterson.com.Read More
jeffrey-taddeo-accepts-president-s-award-at-the-boys-and-girls-club-125th-anniversary-galaCongratulations to Jeffrey Taddeo and his entire team at the New Britain school district for receiving the President’s Award at the 125th Annual Meeting and Anniversary Gala for the Boys and Girls Club. The award was given in recognition of their outstanding commitment to the youth and community of New Britain as well as their vision, courage and leadership.   Jeffrey Taddeo and his team have long been committed to the wellbeing of the children who belong to the Boys and Girls Club of New Britain. Jeffrey, has made it his personal mission to support and serve the Boys and Girls Club; which serves youth at the Elementary, Junior High and High School age levels.   Their facilities offer a safe environment for children to participate in activities from arts, to sciences as well as physical education. “We are honored to be part of them and will continue to be a proud supporter of their needs,” said Jeffrey.  “I would like to also say what an honor it was for me to be in the...Read More
whitsons-school-nutrition-announces-partnership-with-chef-emily-petersonWhitsons School Nutrition is pleased to announce a new partnership with celebrity chef Emily Peterson.  Chef Emily is a food writer, media personality and professor of food studies at NYU. Her work has been featured on Edible, Modern Farmer, Martha Stewart, Robb Report, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, FOX, Food Network and Vegetarian Times. Chef Emily hosts the podcast Sharp & Hot. She also manages a 5-acre farm where she raises honey bees and free-range chickens.   Chef Emily will be speaking with students and presenting her meals at select K12 schools where Whitsons provides the foodservices. She will be highlighting recipes that she has created exclusively for Whitsons’ school locations, which include: Chef Emily’s Quinoa Bowl, Apple Cider, Chicken Sammies, Spinach Basil Pasta, and Egg Tortilla Pie.     “I am very excited to be presenting and serving meals to students at schools”, said Chef Emily.  “It is...Read More
celebrity-chef-emily-peterson-visits-centereach-high-schoolCelebrity Chef Emily Peterson stopped by Centereach High School in Long Island, New York to prepare and serve her delicious Egg Tortilla Pie for students! Whitsons team members, students, and faculty all loved Chef Emily’s healthy Spanish inspired dish. Pictured are: Chef Emily Peterson,Kelly Reed-Friend, Laura Gaglione, Chris Fautas, students, and faculty from Centereach High School.   Click here to see video of the event!Read More
district-manager-s-meeting-at-killinglyThis month's District Manager’s meeting was hosted by PepsiCo at their Frito-Lay site in Killingly, CT.  The Whitsons team was given an informative plant tour of the facility which has been given numerous manufacturing awards such as the C.E. Doolin Award, US Green Council, Site Award of Excellence, Northeast Region Service Award, VFW Award for continuous support of Veterans, Governor’s Award for their work with the Special Olympics as well as Community and Employee Involvement awards.   Pictured are: District Managers, John Koutras, John Prunier, Scott Berry, Christine Kunnmann, Laura Gaglione, Mark Kirn, Registered Dietitians, Courtney Yablonsky and Katherine Ancona, Director of Workplace Safety, Brenna Schettino, Trainer, Patricia Koch, Director of Marketing, Karen Dittrich, VP’s Craig Whitcomb, Chris Fautas, and COO, Kelly Friend. Read More
whitsons-culinary-group-distributes-indoor-vertical-gardens-to-schoolsWhitsons’ indoor vertical school gardens will enhance the food education experience for students and educators. Whitsons Culinary Group, a leading foodservice management company that serves school districts throughout the northeast, is pleased to announce its launch and distribution of organic school garden units as part of their school garden program, Elmers Organic Garden, to all school districts Whitsons services. On October 24th, 2016, the new organic indoor garden units will be distributed as a promotion for school gardens and for use as an educational resource for students to learn how produce is grown. Vegetables grown from the units can also be incorporated into school meals. The units are portable and can be kept indoors and placed either standing or mounted. “I am excited and looking forward to launching our vertical school garden program. Connecting children to the food they eat through school gardens is an important experience that all should have access to,” said Bill...Read More
whitsons-team-new-britain-goes-above-and-beyond-at-back-to-school-bashTeam New Britain did an amazing job at the Back to School Bash this week! The team did such a great job the Chief Operating Officer, Paul Saline penned a wonderful letter to Jeffrey Taddeo, Resident District Manager of New Britain school district thanking him and his team for their efforts.   Congrats Jeff and team New Britain! From: Salina, Paul Date: August 26, 2016 at 9:36:26 AM EDT To: Whitsons Culinary Group - New Britain Public Schools  Subject: BACK TO SCHOOL BASH WOW….Jeff, we are still reeling from the overwhelming success of our first Back to School Bash. Originally, we had thought we might get 800-1,000 students/families but as you well know, we had over 4,000 people attend. The Whitsons’ crew did an outstanding job in feeding and anticipating the never ending crowd. You were more than prepared with the food and it just kept coming. Please extend our thanks to your crew who worked non-stop for more than three hours…I know they had to be exhausted. Your two...Read More
garden-fresh-produce-at-hampton-baysThe school garden program at Hampton Bays school district provides fresh produce for students to enjoy for lunch. A few of the meals made from the the produce are, fresh salad whole wheat pizza and to-go salads. The labels for the to-go salads were custom made by the students of Hampton Bays. Whitsons looks forward to the next school year and providing fresh meals to students!   To learn more about Whitsons and our school garden programs visit us on the web at www.whitsons.com.Read More
benefits-of-blueberries Mmm, Blueberries so tasty and so good for you. Take a look at the benefits!   For more information about food health, visit us on the web at www.whitsons.com.Read More
whitsons-fooditude-for-june Take a look at the great Fooditude the Whitsons team created for the month of June. From barbecues to fruit animals, the team made sure to end the school year creating delicious flavor and fun memories for students!   Click here to see video  Read More
gardens-of-haverhillWhitsons recently donated materials for the school gardens at Haverhill School, including an indoor garden growing station and potato bags!  The garden has been a great success and vegetables such as chives have been grown and used in recipes for meals served to students.   The students of Haverhill planted red potatoes in the donated potato bags and soon fresh potatoes will be served as well.  The students have enjoyed their gardens so much they sent a decorative floral thank you card to the Director of the garden program, Bill Whitcomb Jr.   Whitsons’ garden program is focused on helping to create on-site organic gardens for schools to grow fresh herbs, spices, and fresh produce.   For more information about Whitsons' garden program, email gardens@whitsons.com.             Read More
thanksgiving-meals-for-students-of-whisconier-middle-schoolChef Alfonso DeMasi prepared a delicious Thanksgiving Meal for the Whisconier Middle School students last week.   Principal Dean Renda got in on the fun and assisted Chef Alfonso in serving the students.    Pictured is 6th grade student, Kelsey Gunn, Principal of Whisconier Middle School, Dean Renda and Food Service Director Alfonso DeMasi.   Thank you Chef Alfonso and the Brookfield team for a job well done!Read More
harvest-school-lunch-at-maynard-high-schoolStudents at Maynard High School enjoyed their Fall Harvest inspired meals made by Chef Sandmann and the Whitsons team at Maynard!   The menu: Apple Cider Glazed Pork Roast, Red and White Roasted Potatoes, Fall Harvest Medley of Vegetables and Apple Berry Crumble for dessert!   Click on the image to see video!Read More
chef-emily-visits-the-students-at-mount-sinai-high-schoolChef Emily and the Whitsons team at Mt Sinai High School did an amazing job preparing school lunches for students this week! Chef Emily Peterson is a food writer, media personality and professor of food studies at NYU. Her work has been featured on Edible, Modern Farmer, Martha Stewart, Robb Report, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, FOX, Food Network and Vegetarian Times. Emily is currently touring schools throughout New York as a Whitsons Guest Chef preparing unique and delicious school meals!   For more information about Chef Emily's school tour, email pr@whitsons.com.Read More
thanksgiving-tradition-at-haverhillTis the season of giving and Whitsons has partnered with Costa to donate six Thanksgiving Meal Care Packages to six deserving families in the Haverhill district. Each Thanksgiving Care Package was proudly assembled by Whitsons' team members at Haverhill High School and included the following: 18-20 lb Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Green Beans, Dinner Rolls, Cranberry Sauce, and an Apple Pie.   Principals at Haverhill High School, Consentino, Whittier Middle School, Golden Hill Elementary, Pentucket Lake Elementary, and Tilton Elementary, all selected the deserving families from each of their respective schools.   The Care packages will be delivered to each school to be handed to the each of the families in the morning to be enjoyed by Thanksgiving day. This event has become a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition for both the schools and community of Haverhill as well as for Whitsons.  Thank you team Haverhill! Read More
pineapple-award-winnersCongrats to our Golden Pineapple winners, Food Service Director for East Haven, Trish Shoemaker and Food Service Director for Oxford School District,  Jennifer Syrowsky!   Trish and Jen were awarded Golden Pineapple awards at Director's Meeting in New Britain, CT this week!Read More
guest-chef-day-at-wellesley-high-schoolGuest Chef Day at Wellesley High School in Wellesley, MA with Chef Ryan Hurley! Students were served a special menu of Roasted Chicken with Southern Gravy, Roasted Potatoes, Homemade Belgian Waffles and for dessert, Wild Berry Cobbler.   Special thanks to Chef Ryan Hurley and the team at Wellesley High School for putting together this southern inspired lunch for students.   Click on image to see video.Read More
student-film-of-york-suburban-middle-school-cafeteria-openingThe York Suburban High School AV class put together a video of the grand opening of York Suburban Middle Schools’ newly remodeled school cafeteria! Special thanks to Food Service Director, Helen Heidler and the Whitsons team at York Suburban schools along with York Suburban’s High School AV class for capturing the moment on camera!   Click here to see videoRead More
an-election-day-for-school-lunchStudents of York Suburban School District held their own election day and the Whitsons team was there to help make it a fun and delicious experience. Both students and team members helped create voting boxes. Students from Valley View Elementary created booths and signs. Whitsons team members served up RED WHITE and BLUE desserts made with blueberries, strawberries, and whipped topping to celebrate the occasion. Pictured are students from York Surburban School District Elementary and Whitsons team member, Berlyn Snyder, Lead, at East York Elementary.   A reporter and news crew from the York Daily Record (www.yrd.com) were present to take video footage of the event! Great job team York!                                                                                    ...Read More
employee-spotlight-christina-flutie Whitsons’ Assistant Food Service Director and Catering Manager for Lexington Public Schools, Christina Flutie, was recently highlighted in the Lexington Musket. Christina is not only a Catering Manager and Assistant Food Service Director, but she is also a Registered Dietitian and a valued team member. Read the article in the Lexington Musket below.    Flutie hired as new catering manager for Lexington Public Schools by Ethan Kleppner and Allie Antonevich  Almost half the students in Lexington Public Schools are served the school lunch every day. Provided by Whitsons Culinary Group, the food that students eat is a huge part of their daily experiences, giving them both the nutrition they need to grow, the energy often required to make it through those last few classes, practice and beyond. Christina Flutie, who graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2015 to become a registered dietitian, started working with Whitsons last September as the assistant food...Read More
guest-chef-day-at-malden-high-schoolGuest Chef Day at Malden High School was a hit with students. Produce and products used to create their delicious menu were local! The menu: Pasta Carbonara, Homemade Spaghetti from Bella Ravioli in Medford, MA. Sausage & Peppers- Homemade sausage from Dom's in Malden and Bread from Piantedosi Bakery also in Malden. Bianco Pizza- Local Ricotta from Mozzarella's in Peabody, Mozzarella, Garlic spread and crushed red pepper. Carne Asada- Local Flank steak from Dom's in Malden served in over rice and beans with Guac and Corn salsa in a taco bowl! Special thanks to Chef Ryan Hurley, Ellie, Omar, Martha and the whole team in Malden for a job well done!   Click here to see video or click on image!Read More
going-above-and-beyond-at-briarcliffWhitsons’ Food Service Director for Briarcliff Manor School District, Karla Grimaldi and Chef, Maria Tarantino went above and beyond in welcoming a part-time Food Service Worker, Andrew so much so that they received great praise from Sam Lamonoff, Job Development Specialist for Cardinal McCloskey Community Services. See his Sam’s letter below:   Dear Ms. Norton (Director of Recruiting for Whitsons Culinary Group), I am the job developer at Cardinal McCloskey Community Services--we are contracted by the state of New York to prepare individuals with intellectual disabilities for employment--and provide on-the-job coaching and support. One of my clients--Andrew--was recently hired by Karla Grimaldi for a part-time food service worker position at Briarcliff High School. Since I possess a food service/hospitality management college degree and worked in the restaurant/hospitality field--I spent a good part of the week job coaching Andrew.  Karla asked me to share with you my...Read More
whitsons-supports-haverhill-school-garden-project September 28th, 2016 - HAVERHILL, MASS. — Haverhill High School will be opening up its learning garden as students and educators from Haverhill High School’s special education program harvest their produce and prepare it for submission for judging at America’s oldest agricultural fair — the Topsfield Fair.    Paraeducator Nancy Burke and students at Haverhill High School have received local, state and national news coverage and honors after renovating a neglected school courtyard into a handicap-accessible outdoor learning lab. Whitsons Culinary Group and Costa have generously donated funds for transportation for students to attend the Topsfield Fair to see their produce and celebrate any awards.    During the event, Whitsons’ Director of Garden Programs Bill Whitcomb, Jr. will discuss the importance of school gardens and present a vertical garden to Nancy Burke and the students of Haverhill School District as part of Whitson’s school garden program, Elmers...Read More
chef-manager-at-good-shepherd-services-presented-with-sanctuary-support-awardOn June 11th 2013, Sharlene Bejarano, our Chef Manager at Good Shepherd Services (GSS), was recognized with the Good Shepherd Services’ Sanctuary Support Award for her “on-going support with staff and participants in practicing the Sanctuary commitments and values”.   A 16+ year dedicated Whitsons veteran, Sharlene goes above and beyond her role as chef manager, connecting and building positive relationships with the youth GSS serves. Furthermore, Sharlene played a major role when Hurricane Sandy hit New York, organizing and supporting staff, while ensuring the continuation of excellent services at all Good Shepherd locations.   Congratulations to Sharlene for this very well deserved award! Read More
enhancing-lives-one-meal-at-a-time-in-the-aftermath-of-sandy In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it was very difficult for our team members in the Tristate area to commute to and from work. However, these difficulties did not prevent them from providing the best service possible to our clients.   At Carnegie East House, this was not the exception! Our team worked around the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents — some staying overnight/multiple nights, while others travelling over two hours by cab to get to work. According to Food Service Director Jolie Ospina, “I can’t tell you what a great group of people I have working here with me. I am so proud. Their dedication and hard work goes beyond words.”   To thank the Whitsons team at Carnegie for their efforts, residents gave our team a huge round of applause at a recent Resident Council Meeting.Read More
putting-the-extra-mile-during-hurricane-sandy   During emergency disasters, our chefs and managers ensure we continue assisting the dining needs of our customers during these stressful times. The residents at SCO Sea Cliff experienced the dedication of our team during Hurricane Sandy.   Chef Fred Hakimi went the extra mile to put the needs of his residents above his own. Both during and after the storm, Chef Hakimi took special care to ensure all food and supplies were continuously available and in stock for his residents. He stayed overnight, delivered hot food to his residents (by foot) and worked tirelessly to provide quality care.   According to our client at SCO, “Fred is such an integral part of our team; he is the one who provides us with the nourishment to sustain our residents and staff in challenging times such as these. It is an absolute pleasure working with Fred. His professionalism, compassion and commitment are matched by no other.”Read More
carnegie-east-enjoyed-play-night On July 31st, the residents of Carnegie East House enjoyed a wonderful play. This play, called “Ladies’ Night”, was created by Scott Gordon, Carnegie’s Activities Director, who also performed all the music for the play. The performers were all very acclaimed by the residents and the family members that attended this event.   Carnegie residents and visitors also enjoyed a very special tea time after the show, consisting on delicious treats and refreshments, offered by the Whitsons team. According to Jolie Ospina, Food Service Director at Carnegie East, “some family members attended and the food was highly complimented”. Read More
1-enhancing-life-one-meal-at-a-time-thank-you-letters-from-our-clients We always strive to live our mission of enhancing life one meal at a time through our words, our services and our actions each and every day. Receiving “Thank You” letters recognizing these efforts is more than we can ever ask:   Our client at SCO Sea Cliff thanks Chef Fred Hakimi for being a valuable member of their family: “June is usually a very busy month with the end of the school year. These last three weeks have been especially demanding. Last week alone we had auditors, a field day and training at our residential training center — all on the same day — and each group requested your lunch. I think you prepared over 200 sandwiches, all before noon. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated, committed and caring “King of our Kitchen.” You are the most important part of our family, supporting and providing food for the table to nourish and strengthen our youth and staff and enhancing our lives one meal at a time.”   A resident leaving Madonna Heights, thanks Chef Phil...Read More
holding-the-dining-fort-during-hurricane-irene  During Hurricane Irene, several of the Carnegie East House food service team members stayed at the facility in order to continue assisting the dining needs of the Carnegie East residents during this stressful time. Valerie Barnett, Manuel Piedra, Jancis De la Cruz, Rushonn Jackson, Sol Lacerda, Alize Conde, Minnie Grant, Imani McDonald and Melissa Clemente maintained a positive outlook and calm demeanor throughout the storm and its aftermath, which was very comforting to the residents.   According to Yolanda Ospina, “The residents here are all very grateful for a job well done!!! I knew my team would come through. We are happy to have been of help in feeding all those people in an indirect way.”      Read More
good-shepherd-wellness-initiative  As part of the Good Shepherd Wellness Initiative, every Wednesday throughout February, students and staff at Good Shepherd Services (GSS) received cooking demos and seminars. Guest chefs Emanuel Montalvo, Sharlene Bejarano, Shanay Mason and Peter Bellisario took center stage at GSS’s cooking demos, while District Manager, Mark Kirn, led the nutritional seminars. All were aimed at increasing awareness of healthier food options and nutritional education.Read More
whitsons-brings-fair-food-to-estee-research-parkAlways aiming to keep the menu fresh and exciting, this month the team at Estee Lauder introduced fair food favorites such as Potato Twirls on a Stick with different seasoning flavors - BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt and Garlic Pepper and Ketchup flavors.   The team used Yukon Gold Potatoes and Red Bliss Potatoes to make these fantastic creations.  It was a fun treat for all!Read More
pink-ribbon-kickoff-luncheon-event-at-estee-lauderOn June 19th, the annual Pink Ribbon Kickoff Luncheon took place at Estee Lauder’s JHL facility in Melville, New York. In this luncheon, they discussed the planning of future events, fundraisers, breast cancer research, etc.   The Whitsons Corporate Dining team at Estee Lauder catered the event, led by Chef Kirk Ingebretsen. The varied menu consisted of Roasted Salmon Lemon Dill Aioli, French Cut Chicken Breast with Demi Glaze, Gourmet Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash and Mushrooms, and for dessert, Raspberry Chambord Cheese Cake.  Read More
winter-gala-at-unfcu  On January 17th, United Nations Federal Credit Union celebrated their annual Winter Gala. This year’s theme was “Enchantment under the Sea”. Guests were greeted in one room where they enjoyed delicious appetizers, and then “transported” by the elevator to an ocean-themed room where the banquet took place.   The event hosted more than 300 guests and Whitsons Corporate Dining prepared a very special menu for this occasion, which included a 3 flavors risotto station (duck and asparagus, seafood and wild mushroom), a sushi bar, a skewer station, a fresh seafood station and assorted salads.  Read More
stryker-celebrated-the-holidays  On Wednesday December 11th, Stryker hosted their annual Holiday Party. The Stryker Atrium was transformed to a holiday themed party seating over 480 people at once.   The delicious holiday menu featured: Mustard seed crusted prime rib with Dijon crème fraiche and roasted balsamic onions, spinach parmesan soufflé, rosemary & tarragon herbed salmon with Minnesota wild rice blend and grilled Asiago polenta, pomegranate roasted Cornish game hen with haricot verts with hazelnuts and lemony salt-roasted fingerling potatoes, gnocchi alla Romana with spinach, Holiday Tres Leches cake, German chocolate cake and apple crisp.   The cafeteria team at Stryker served around 1,650 employees through five sittings in the course of the day!  Read More
fresh-from-garden-to-table-at-estee-lauder  The local foods initiative at Estee Lauder just turned hyper local! An indoor garden was installed in the cafeteria at the Estee Lauder Research Park facility. The garden will grow greens and herbs such as arugula, mesclun greens, bibb lettuce, and fresh herbs like basil and rosemary. These products will then be used to prepare delicious lunch meals.   It doesn’t get any more local than this!  Read More
whitsons-serves-bbq-celebrating-launch-at-estee-lauderOn June 28th, Estee Lauder 350 Main held a BBQ celebrating the launch of their new Fragrance Production Area. The BBQ featured fun carnival games, ice cream trucks and delicious food such as Caribbean lime jerk chicken, Black Angus burgers, balsamic fig marinated Portobello mushroom burgers and fresh salads using local greens and vegetables.   The BBQ served over 1200 people over a 24 hour period, so the Whitsons team worked all day and night to cover all three shifts at the plant in Melville, NY and please every single one of our Estee Lauder customers.   The event was a great success and our customers were more than thrilled!Read More
green-initiatives-at-strykerReducing the solid waste produced in every day operations is a number one priority at Stryker. Styrofoam trays are made of polystyrene, a petroleum-based product which stays around for centuries, taking up lots of landfill space. Furthermore, solid waste adds a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. For these reasons, last fall, Stryker made the switch to biodegradable clam shells made from bagasse and corn-based plastic. These trays can be composted (they biodegrade in 30-90 days) and turned into soil again, completing the biological cycle with virtually no waste! Read More
estee-lauder-commitment-to-the-environmentAt Estee Lauder cafes, being green comes first! The cafeterias are committed to environmental conservation and strive to become “greener” operations every day. They have banned the use of Styrofoam trays; instead, they use a combination of reusable and paper trays. Recycled paper napkins are used instead of regular paper ones. Furthermore, they have recently replaced all of their cleaners with environmentally friendly ones. It is easy to be green at Estee Lauder! Read More
going-green-at-stryker In an effort to continue their environmental initiatives, Stryker has recently unveiled their latest initiative: a High Volume Organic Waste Decomposition System, also known as “Audrey”, after the character from “The Little Shop of Horrors”. Audrey turns the organic waste produced in the cafeteria into non-potable water, which is then discharged into the sewage system and processed in a water treatment plant where the water is cleaned and returned to the environment. In the first three weeks of operation, Stryker has already converted over 4,500 lbs. of solid waste into water.   This is a major step in reducing Stryker’s environmental footprint since solid waste is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation. According to George Kirby, Whitsons Food Service Director at Stryker, “Our goal, of course, is to maximize the environmental benefits of such a system. By cutting down on our solid waste hauling, we save money, preserve valuable landfill space, reduce truck...Read More
estee-lauder-happeningsWonderful things have been happening at our Estee Lauder locations! Following Estee’s Holiday Party last month, our Estee locations (Main, Research Park and JHL) kept the festivities rolling by hosting a very special “Brunch Day” the next day, complete with specialty meals, which included savory bread pudding, an omelet station and a carving station with sliced Virginia ham.   Estee Research Park and JHL also held a Juice Tasting during the first week of December to introduce customers to a new line of all-natural beverages called Red Jack Orchard Juices. According to Assistant Manager Kathleen Cavallo of Estee Lauder Main, customers have been enjoying this new brand, which features flavors ranging from Fuji and Black Currant to Grape and Raspberry. Read More
working-together-after-sandyIn the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our team members were called to help distribute food to the victims in the locations affected by the storm. When the call came, the entire team at UBM rose to the occasion and volunteered to serve the food in one of the Far Rockaway locations. According to Peter Bellisario, Food Service Manager at UBM, “We were touched to be able to help thousands of people looking for food and a little compassion, and I was touched that we were all doing this nice work together.” Read More
delicious-homemade-burgers-at-bai It is grilling season, and this August was no exception! Our customers at Estee Research Park and UNFCU enjoyed delicious homemade heart-healthy burgers.   Chef Jose Argueta from Estee Lauder Research Park prepared a made-from-scratch fresh turkey burger that was the star of the meal. UNFCU’s Chef Jose Calderone also served freshly prepared burgers, including a turkey spinach burger, and Executive Chef Andy Whitcomb’s rice burger. Sounds delicious! Read More
whitsons-participates-in-camba-guest-speaker-seriesCAMBA and Whitsons Culinary Group have partnered to provide real-life experience to CAMBA’s Next Step Food Protection Certification Training by inviting Whitsons’ food service professionals to participate in the program’s Guest Speaker series. This February, Jim Corrigan, Business Development Manager, shared his vast professional experience with the students and was able to give them a real-life perspective of the food services field, which helped the students understand how diverse the food services field is. According to Sherrill Hampton, the Food Protection Trainer, it was Jim’s down-to-earth attitude that made it very easy for the students “to open up and engage in fruitful conversation and ask questions”. Jim’s professionalism commanded their attention and respect.Read More
whitsons-to-provide-boston-public-schools-lunch-program When the Boston Public Schools went out to bid, the district was interested in finding an innovative new approach to its dining program. By selecting Whitsons as their new provider, our fresh, healthy and nutritious solution was exactly the change they were looking for. What is it about our Boston account that makes it so unique? The service is a blend of two of our strongest niches: school nutrition and prepared meals. Whitsons serves about 30,000 meals per day consisting of breakfast, lunch and snack to this school district. These meals are Individually Packaged Meals (IPMs), delivered from the USDA-approved, BRC-certified and continuously inspected Islandia Culinary Center to Boston Public Schools. The meals are paired with local fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and bread. They are then delivered to the schools daily.   The response to Whitsons school lunch program has been overwhelmingly positive and parents and students alike are happy with the change. They are enjoying the...Read More
uninterrupted-prepared-meals-service-during-major-snowstorm The Sunday following Christmas, the Northeast was hit with a major snowstorm. Transportation systems were down, with buses suspended and limited train service, but that did not stop Whitsons team members from making sure meals were delivered to Prepared Meals clients as promised. Managers and team members alike came in the night before, and some stayed through the next night, to prepare in advance for what was predicted. Drivers started coming in as early as 2:30AM to begin digging out the trucks and some team members walked through several feet of snow to get to work. The biggest challenge was to get the drivers out and on the roads, through the treacherous conditions and into the unplowed areas of many clients. Read More
distributing-meals-in-sandy-affected-areas A month after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast, there are some communities that are still suffering the negative impacts of this natural disaster. Hurricane Sandy destroyed homes and disrupted lives in many areas of New Jersey and New York. Recovery is underway, but some of these residents are currently living in a precarious situation, in homes without power or heat. In these communities, the certainty of having access to a warm meal is a welcomed relief.   In partnership with the NYC Human Resources Administration, Whitsons is still operating three sites in Coney Island and the Rockaways. In these hard-hit areas, life is not back to normal yet, and thousands of neighbors are relying on city-sponsored food tents for the daily meals as the local food sources such as supermarkets were also damaged by the storm.   Below is a link to a video produced by NY News 1 channel featuring the role of the food distribution sites in the affected...Read More
feeding-the-community-in-the-aftermath-of-sandy When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, Whitsons Emergency Dining was already busy preparing thousands of meals to be distributed in the areas affected by the storm. Through our partners, humanitarian organizations and local government, we have been providing nutritious meals to several affected areas immediately after the storm hit.   Whitsons partnered with the American Red Cross to provide over 330,000 meals, both hot and cold, to hard hit areas in New Jersey, the New York City boroughs of Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn, and Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island. In New York City, New York City’s Human Resources Administration (HRA) engaged Whitsons to feed residents in Coney Island, Brooklyn and the Rockaways, Queens, serving thousands of hot and cold meals every day.   Recovery from this severe storm is still ongoing, but for anyone severely affected by this extreme event, the certainty of knowing where your next meal is coming from is an important step back...Read More
feeding-the-community-after-major-snowstorm-at-albany-ny  In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Whitsons partnered with the City School District of Albany to produce over 8000 emergency meals for local residents who lost power in their homes. The City School District of Albany provided access to its Arbor School for the distribution of emergency meals via the National American Red Cross (NARC).Read More
teams-called-to-action-as-hurricane-irene-hits While most people living on the east coast were preparing for Hurricane Irene and staying inside, Delivered Meals Managers James Corrigan and Gregory Godfroy and their teams were preparing to deliver emergency meals to the Red Cross for people in need. With the help of many other team members, Jim and Greg were ready to take action and drive a truck with more than 5,000 meals 103 miles from Whitsons Elizabeth Culinary Center on Saturday August 27th. Notwithstanding the hazardous weather, Jim and Greg delivered the meals to the Red Cross, who then distributed the meals to shelters serving local residents in need. The Bronx and Islandia Culinary Centers also worked diligently in anticipation of the hurricane preparing the emergency meals. In the end, the team provided about 70,000 meals over two weeks. Those served really enjoyed the food and the boxed lunches Whitsons provided. All team members acted swiftly and were able to help many people during and in the aftermath of Hurricane...Read More
feeding-the-community-after-major-snowstorm-at-canton-ct    During an unexpected snowstorm at the end of October, Canton, Connecticut was hit hard with bad weather, turning the community center into a shelter for 8 days. The Whitsons food service team at Canton stepped in to prepare, cook and serve over a thousand hot meals at the shelter for the Canton citizens that lost power during the storm.  Read More