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Individually Packaged Certified Gluten Free Meals

We all want to be free to laugh, learn and live life to the fullest. For people with sensitivities to wheat and gluten, being the best you can be includes eating only foods that are free of these ingredients. Nulife products are certified to be gluten free to a maximum of 10 parts per million, and are packaged individually to preserve the integrity of the product through reheating. Many of our products are also free of other common allergens, such as dairy, soy, corn, eggs, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts.


At NuLife Foods, we offer great tasting, individually packaged certified gluten-free foods that help people with gluten sensitivities to be free.


Tested by Adults and Children with Gluten Sensitivities

NuLife Foods offers individually packaged, Certified Gluten-Free meals for adults and children with gluten allergies and sensitivities. Meal options include breakfast, lunch and dinner choices that appeal to a wide range of ages and taste preferences, and are developed with an emphasis on high quality, wholesome ingredients and superior taste.


Our products have been tested and approved by adults and children with food sensitivities. We work with a team of chefs, clinicians and nutritionists to ensure that our meals meet their exacting standards, taste great and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Quality Products Begin with Quality Ingredients

Being on a gluten-free diet shouldn’t mean “missing out” on your favorite foods. That is why we make NuLife food taste so good, you won’t even miss the gluten!


Yes, all NuLife Foods products are Certified Gluten-Free, not to exceed 10 parts per million. That is a given. And many are also free of other common food allergens, such as dairy, soy, corn, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. Yes, we thoroughly test the purity of every ingredient and we lab test every product batch to ensure the absence of gluten. And our products are made in a USDA-inspected, FDA-approved facility, using Good Manufacturing Practices to guarantee the integrity of every product...


But the best part is that they are delicious. And our taste-testers of all ages agree!
We invite you to join the NuLife family, try our products for yourself and, above all,
Be Free.


For more information about NuLife Foods or to locate a distributor near you, please
visit our website:


Call us at 888.285.6633

Helping people with gluten sensitivities “be free”


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