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Partners in Nutrition

Studies show that a healthy breakfast and lunch are critical components to the overall educational experience, nourishing the body and setting the stage for a day of learning and knowledge retention. As dining service providers, we appreciate the critical role we play in ensuring the health and well-being of the students we serve by assisting them in selecting the healthy meal choices for their needs. Toward that end, we work closely with students, parents and school nurses to provide nutritional, allergen and ingredient disclosure on the menu items we serve and accommodate doctor-prescribed special diet plans.


Nutrient Analysis

All Whitsons School Nutrition menus are reviewed by a Registered Dietitian and nutritionally analyzed through a USDA-approved program to ensure each menu meets or exceeds standards. In addition, Whitsons has a complete nutritional analysis on all core menu items available for any parents, staff or student interested in learning more about any particular item. Please visit your school district's website to view Whitsons’ interactive menus and access Whitsons' nutritional calculator for complete nutritional analysis.


Whitsons Menu Program

Whitsons utilizes a state-of-the-art interactive menu program that enables us to provide customers with detailed daily menus and complete allergen and nutrition information for the items we serve. Customers can link to the current menu via their school district’s website, whereupon they can drill down into individual menu items to see this information. We also maintain an allergen “right to know” station on every serving line, which includes a detailed listing of all of our food products separated by allergen food categories. In addition, detailed ingredient information is available for our freshly prepared menu items, as well as manufacturer labels for every pre-packaged item (i.e., snacks) through our foodservice director on site.


Accommodating Allergen-Free Diets and Other Doctor-Prescribed Dietary Restrictions

Whitsons provides menu alternatives to accommodate students with doctor-prescribed special diet plans. We work in partnership with parents, school nurses and the student to determine an appropriate menu that meets each student’s needs. Our goal with our allergen free food program is to enable children with food allergies and sensitivities to be free to enjoy great tasting, safe and healthy foods in the school lunchroom, without fear of an adverse reaction or feeling isolated from their peers. 

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