The Best of Barbecue

Posted on May 27, 2020

With barbecue season just around the corner, it’s good to remember to balance your diet with healthy choices. Some barbecue foods tend to have much higher fat content than others, and it’s good to know what foods to avoid. So, jump into this barbecue season fully armed and ready to go, with a few helpful tips!

  • Keep it simple. Limit the salty sauces, creamy dressings and sugary condiments. Swap traditional store bought sides with lighter options. Create your own healthier versions using oil, vinegar, lemon or lime.
  • Add some crunch. Raw veggies can substitute the crunch of potato chips without adding extra preservatives and calories.
  • Wrap it in Lettuce. Make an effort to replace the bun with healthier options. A lettuce wrap, grilled mushrooms or grilled eggplant make great bun alternatives.
  • Avoid over-cooking. Burnt food may actually contain harmful carcinogens. In order to avoid overcooking, give food on the grill a gentle tug with your grill tools; it’s usually ready to flip when it comes loose without pulling. Also, marinades can sometimes help block HCA formation (HCA is a carcinogen formed when grilling at high temperatures). In particular, spicy marinades and herb rubs can help prevent this. Let’s also not forget that marinades can add a delicious kick to your meals.
  • Have fun. Test out healthy dessert alternatives by grilling up some fruit; it might just be your new favorite.