Optimizing Performance in Today’s School Nutrition Market

How the right contracted food service partner can bring program efficiency through proven management techniques

Posted on January 7, 2021

Managing school meal programs can be difficult and lead to unexpected costs and challenges. As you work with food and supply vendors, team members and other groups, obstacles can arise that affect qualitative and financial performance.

These obstacles complicate the management of your meal program and take valuable resources away from educating the students.

How can you best balance program oversight and performance? Whitsons School Nutrition has the answers you need.

What You Get With Whitsons School Nutrition

At Whitsons, we’ve established a reputation for excellence, and have helped many school districts manage their nutrition programs more effectively.

At a local school district facing a $367,000 deficit in their food service program, we worked closely with the administration and existing staff members to personalize a service plan that reflected the unique needs of the school community.

By capitalizing on established and new local vendor relationships, enhancing the menu with high quality, authentic international cuisine and engaging students to actively participate in the dining services, we were able to improve overall program efficiency.

This collaboration dramatically impacted their financial performance, bringing the program to a surplus of $56,000.

Wondering why you should consider Whitsons to improve your school meal program? Here are just a few reasons.

  1. Comprehensive solutions – With our contracted services, you get completely comprehensive, end-to-end food service support. Our customized approach ensures that your community receives a program aligned with its unique expectations.
  2. Better food at a lower price – Our purchasing is not tied to national manufacturer rebate programs, typically associated with processed foods, which allows us to source the highest quality products with the best pricing from local vendors. This enables you to provide natural, wholesome food to students and pass along the savings to the district.
  3. Reputable service – Whitsons is not financially incentivized to minimize our level of service to increase our own profits; our focus is on enhancing the experience for your students. We provide high quality service at a reasonable rate, simplifying your school meal program. Quality and fiscal responsibility are not mutually exclusive in our relationships.
  4. Team member inclusion – We embrace all team members as part of the Whitsons family, whether they are district-employed or transitioned to the Whitsons team. Team members are empowered to share their insight into the community, which helps us to develop a customized program for your district.

For all of these reasons and more, working with us helps to simplify the management of your meal program—saving you time, headaches and financial resources that could otherwise be used to educate students.

Whitsons School Nutrition Can Help Manage Performance
& Recoup More Costs

If you’re interested in overcoming common management challenges with school meal programs, improving nutrition and streamlining operational efficiencies to enhance the service in your district, Whitsons is here to help.

Contact us online to learn more about what we do and how we can help your school improve meal quality, save money, increase student nutrition program participation and so much more.