Kelly Friend Featured in Articles on Evolution of School Lunch

Kellyann Friend, COO for Contract Management, was recently featured in a few online articles  about how school lunch has changed over the years, especially with the need for menu diversity and adherence to regulations.

“Not too long ago there was a hot entree and a sandwich on the side, and that was all a kid could get,” Friend said. “Now, it’s not uncommon to have four or five food options in one of our schools, between main dishes, salads, cold cuts, different kinds of produce and much more.”

Learn more about what Kelly and others have to share on the topic here from an article on

School Lunches a Balancing Act to Satisfy Diverse Populations, Loosened Regulations

This article from Wicked Local - Lexington also features Kevin Silvia, Resident District Manager at Lexington Public Schools, discussing the issue:

School Lunches at Lexington a Balancing Act