Students Enjoy Sustainable Wild-Caught Fish at School

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This January, students at Lexington High School in Massachusetts started enjoying sustainably harvested wild-caught fish right in their own school cafeteria. The catch-of-the-day program, offered through Red’s Best, allows us to order and serve various types of fish within a couple of days of when it was caught in the Atlantic Ocean. Red’s Best is based in Boston, MA and distributes sustainable wild-caught fish and seafood for over 1,000 small community-based fishing boats in New England. Each fish delivery comes with an active QR code label that tells the story of that catch, from where and when the fish was caught, and to who the fisherman and fishing vessel was.

On January 24th, students at Lexington High School were able to see a display of fresh caught local fish and seafood presented by Red’s Best. Students also enjoyed Baked Pollock topped with pesto sauce, rice pilaf, and roasted vegetables on this day. The Pollock was caught on Tuesday, delivered on Wednesday and served on Thursday – now that’s fresh! In addition to Pollock, future catch-of-the day features could also include Cod, Haddock, and Hake, depending on what is most available during any given time of year.

“We are very proud of this initiative. We strive to offer the best possible meals to the students we serve, and providing sustainable, local, wild-caught fish to Lexington Schools is one more step we are taking towards this commitment,” says Kevin Silvia, Whitsons Resident District Manager at Lexington Public Schools.