Did you know that Generation Z (our K-12 customers) is more likely than any other generation to embrace a diet which eliminates animal products. In addition, our recent customer surveys indicate that more than 50% of those that took they survey are interested in more meatless menu options.

Whitsons wants to help meet our customer's demand, keep pace with emerging trends and respond to the growing population of consumers looking for meatless options. Therefore, we will be introducing a Meatless Monday program to your K-12 school cafeterias. Because student interest and enthusiasm for vegetarian and vegan options continues to surge, you’ll find that a Meatless Monday menu is simple and cost effective to implement and will be sure to interest your student customers.


Meatless Monday doesn’t mean we don’t  serve meat !

We just feature the meatless items each Monday– all while keeping the meat and/or seafood items on your menu, as needed. We hope your appreciate the new meatless choices!