Nourishing the Bodies
and Spirits of Those We Serve

Whitsons Residential Dining® serves the highly specialized needs of customers in various residential and healthcare settings, from infants and children to adults, seniors and those with special dietary concerns. From simple entrees to ethnically diverse selections, we offer a wide variety of therapeutic menus designed to meet specific dietary guidelines and restrictions, including food allergies and documented medical conditions.

Residential Meal Services

Our Residential Meal Services

Our focus is on significantly enhancing residents’ quality of life and strengthening relationships within the community. That’s why we work with each client to develop a varied and ethnically diverse menu that addresses residents’ preferences, while at the same time adhering to nutritional guidelines. Our professional support staff includes registered dietitians and nutritionists, who assist with the development of nutritionally sound menus and recipes. Highlights of our services include:

  • Providing creative and nutritionally sound meals featuring wholesome ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.
  • Offering special meal options, such as holiday meals, family-style meals for the tables, weekend brunches, celebrations for milestones, etc. to build a sense of community.
  • Encouraging residents to develop lifelong healthy eating habits through our Fooditude Fuel nutrition awareness program.
  • Providing expert management support and staff training for consistently top quality food and outstanding residential meal services.
  • Offering a fully functional emergency response division that guarantees uninterrupted service.
  • Culinary support through specialized on-site training, guest chef promotions and resident career development assistance.

"Our residents need balanced nutrition, variety and taste; we know that this combination is not easy to meet. We are proud to say that Whitsons creates meals with the delicious flavor and visual appeal that tend to entice residents to eat more and waste less."
- Nutrition Director

How May We Serve You?

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