Nourishing the Bodies
and Spirits of Those We Serve

Whitsons Residential Dining® serves the highly specialized needs of customers in various residential and healthcare settings, from infants and children to adults, seniors and those with special dietary concerns. From simple entrees to ethnically diverse selections, we offer a wide variety of therapeutic menus designed to meet specific dietary guidelines and restrictions, including food allergies and documented medical conditions.

Residential Meal Services

Our Residential Meal Services

Whether you need onsite management or a delivered meal program, Whitsons is uniquely qualified to provide nutritional services to your residential community. Our focus is on significantly enhancing residents’ quality of life and strengthening relationships within the community. That’s why we work with each client to develop a varied and ethnically diverse menu that addresses residents’ preferences, while at the same time adhering to nutritional guidelines.

Our professional support staff includes registered dietitians and nutritionists, who assist with the development of nutritionally sound menus and recipes. Whitsons caters to diverse populations and addresses their individual dining service needs.


At Whitsons, we understand the important role we play in providing nutritious meals in a supportive environment. We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of nurturing the well-being and health of your youth. We believe they deserve delicious, nourishing meals free of trans fats, hormones and harmful additives. Our food philosophy focuses on using ingredients that are locally sourced and all-natural, whenever available. Providing young residents with wholesome meals that taste great, along with food and nutrition education, helps position them for success and a more healthful life.


We care about creating a personalized and strong community experience in senior living environments. We offer culinary, wellness and facilities management solutions for independent living, assisted living, CCRC/Life Plan Communities and skilled nursing facilities. With a strong background in nutrition, healthcare and senior care, our focus is on significantly enhancing your residents’ quality of life through the dining program. That’s why we work with our clients to develop a varied and ethnically diverse menu that addresses residents’ preferences, while at the same time adhering to critical dietary guidelines.


We recognize that your priority is to provide the very best for your residents, and that includes bringing them together at mealtime. Whether operating group homes, providing supportive services or serving residential or day programs, Whitsons offers various food service models for your community-based program. Our team exhibits a true sense of family values and service, treating each client with dignity and respect. We strive to understand the needs of each community-based program to provide the most economical and quality-driven food service solution.  

Healthcare Dining Services

Whitsons Healthcare Dining® is well-versed in supplying in-patient meals to short- and long-term healthcare facilities, which require us to pay special attention to dietary and medical needs. Our goal is to offer all patients fresh, high quality, well balanced and nutritious foods in a clean, pleasant atmosphere.

Whitsons provides hospitals, healthcare centers, senior living communities and other medical facilities with varied menu options…prepared fresh onsite. Our menus emphasize special nutritional needs such as those of the elderly, infants, those with medical issues and people on restricted diets. We also help our clients successfully navigate local, state and federal regulatory requirements. Features of our patient meal services include:

  • Providing comprehensive management services, customizing our menus to meet unique patient dining and therapeutic meal requirements.
  • Knowledge of HIPAA and PHI requirements set forth by law to support the ongoing privacy of your patients.
  • Ensuring smooth and timely assembly and distribution of meals.
  • Providing comprehensive café management service for visitor and staff dining services.
  • Providing comprehensive training by certified trainers in areas such as JCAHO compliance, HACCP/ServSafe, safety and customer service.
  • Ability to supplement onsite operations with culinary support through our USDA-inspected, FDA-registered facility.
  • Guaranteeing uninterrupted service, even under emergency conditions.

"Our residents need balanced nutrition, variety and taste; we know that this combination is not easy to meet. We are proud to say that Whitsons creates meals with the delicious flavor and visual appeal that tend to entice residents to eat more and waste less."
- Nutrition Director

How May We Serve You?

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