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Most school nutrition programs are too complex, costing you too much while serving poor nutrition. We fix that.

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We provide customized dining services to public, private and charter schools.

Discover a better way to manage your school nutrition program

Our Simply Rooted® approach eliminates complexity and puts you in control to provide great tasting food while teaching your students to make nutritious meal choices:



Family and community approved



Efficient and easy while keeping you in control

Team Inclusion


Full-team involvement, not displacement

Managing a school meal program is riddled with complexity

Managing a school meal program is riddled with complexity

Whether you’re self-operated or contracted, you’re under increasing pressure to do more with less. If you’re not in control of your program, costs tend to rise while nutrition drops, frustrating all of those involved.

Whitsons simplifies and improves

Whitsons simplifies and improves your program to keep you in control

We understand that managing a school meal program is not your core focus – but it is ours.

We partner with your school to keep you in control and help you customize a program for your community that exceeds expectations around nutrition and costs.

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Our School Nutrition Services

We understand the critical role that wholesome eating plays in the educational process and the health of growing bodies at every stage of development. We have been ahead of the curve in offering menus that exceed the standards set forth by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. Some of our school lunch service highlights include:


Wholesome ingredients prepared fresh from scratch, with a focus on whole grains, fresh produce, lean meats and healthy snacks.


Commitment to offering locally sourced, organic and non-GMO ingredients when possible.


Designing menus in accordance with SBP and NSLP guidelines—exceeding federal, state and client-level requirements.


Offering innovative promotions to keep menus and service fresh and exciting to increase participation.


Award-winning Nutrition Safari® and Fuel nutrition education programs that help teach students the value of lifelong healthy eating habits.


Offering additional services: faculty and staff dining; catering; satellite meal delivery; summer, after school and supper programs; vending and more.

Yes. Whitsons meets with your team regularly to make key decisions together. Then, we design solutions to fit your needs. Furthermore, all team members are empowered to share their insight into the community, which helps us to develop a customized program for your district with your stamp of approval.

Yes. We embrace all team members as part of the Whitsons family, whether they are district-employed or transitioned to the Whitsons team.

We source local, fresh ingredients and do as much scratch-cooking as possible onsite. Specific meal preferences are built into your program and can be adjusted, as necessary.

No. Whitsons is not financially incentivized to minimize our level of service to increase our own profits; our focus is on enhancing the experience for your students. We provide high quality service at a reasonable rate, simplifying your school meal program. Quality and fiscal responsibility are not mutually exclusive in our relationships.

No. Not only does your district remain in control of your student meal experience while outsourcing the day-to-day operations, Whitsons can simultaneously reduce your program costs while improving the nutritional value of your meals.


What Our Partners Have To Say

 financial targets

“Not only did Whitsons meet the financial targets for our program; they in fact exceeded them by 25% with respect to net profit. Additionally, I have seen firsthand the improvement in the quality of our offerings in presentation, taste and nutritional content.”

- Business Administrator, Massachusetts Public School District

excellent meal

“I wanted to thank you for being a company that provides an excellent meal program geared toward school lunch but with all the fine touches. You make the food services for our district of 11 separate accounts an economically good choice that works along with our bottom line.”

- Director of Finance, Connecticut Public School District

 so many processes to figure

“It seems like there are so many processes to figure out and decisions to make that we sometimes don't take the time to talk about what is going well.  It struck me just how much work and effort goes into making this process look effortless. The cafeteria staff is doing an outstanding job and their efforts have directly impacted our students' positive experience at school. The flexibility and positive approach of the cafeteria staff is most appreciated.”

- Principal, New Jersey Public School District



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