Helping Team
Members in Need

Prompted by a heartwarming story about a team member’s struggle at Christmas, the Whitcomb family and Whitsons team set out to establish a means of helping team members in need. In this spirit, the company created the Whitsons Family Foundation. 

Whitsons Family Foundation
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About the Whitsons Family Foundation

The Whitsons Family Foundation is a registered 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization designed to support team members with temporary emergency financial assistance and/or grants for college education. The foundation is funded through a combination of team member donations, company matching program and any third parties who wish to contribute to the fund. 100% of all money collected goes directly to team members in need.

We have helped countless team members over the years. The Foundation can:

  • Provide urgent medical care for a sick child or team member with cancer or other serious illness.
  • Help bury a loved one who unexpectedly passed.
  • Put a holiday dinner on a family’s table.
  • Keep a family warm on a cold winter day.
  • Save a home from foreclosure, or repair it from fire damage or hurricane destruction.
  • Help fund a college education.

Donate or Apply Today

Help us make a difference in the lives of those we work with; or maybe even your own. It’s about team members helping each other. It’s about family…our family and yours. Please consider contributing to this worthy cause today.

  • To contribute, confidentially apply for assistance or for additional information, please call us at 855-fam-fund or e-mail [email protected].
  • Download a copy of the payroll deduction form here.
  • Download a copy of the hardship or scholarship application here.

Whitsons Family Foundation

“There are really no words to express the overwhelming heartfelt feeling I have right now due to your generosity. Since the recent death of my father, I never knew how life can change so drastically. I was left in a situation to provide for my family with little to no means of funds to do so. From the foundation acknowledging my struggle and approving this grant so quickly, my family and I will have food for another Thanksgiving and rent paid for the month. We are forever grateful. Thank you again.” – Whitsons Team Member  

It helps fellow team members. It helps their families. It helps YOU.