From our President & CEO

Wholesome food, strong family values, and personalized service are at the heart of our organization, the inspiration behind Whitsons, and the vision that lights our path. We run our business ethically and ‘do the right things’ every day. And that is something you can trust.

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Uplifting. That is what a meal should be. Good for the body and mind, while nurturing to the spirit. At Whitsons, we understand this invisible, yet very real connection and how a meal means so much more than food on a plate.

Since my parents started the business in 1979, our story has been rooted in food, family, and service. These values are at the heart of our organization, the inspiration behind our culture, and the vision that lights our path forward.

Our foundation is set on strong family values, while our future remains focused on wholesome, real food. The unique structure of our family-operated business places a strong emphasis on teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit, which drives our company’s culture. It’s simply the Whitsons Way.

Throughout our website, you will witness our Whitsons Way culture in action and experience how we are committed to helping people to live healthier lives while being socially responsible and supporting diversity.

Please enjoy learning more about Whitsons and how we can help bring our mission of enhancing life one meal a time to your community. We invite you to contact us with any questions about our programs or services. Together, we can make a difference in the lives that we touch.

In good health,
Paul Whitcomb, President and CEO

Enhancing Life One Meal at a Time™