Acai: Nature’s “Purple Gold”

Posted on April 25, 2022

Chef Tyrell Jones of New Britain Public Schools shares a Harvest of the Month Acai Bowl recipe that's sure to delight your spring senses!


Acai is one of the most modern superfoods to receive attention for its nutritional “powers.” Native to rainforests of Central and South America, these acclaimed berries are rich in antioxidants to fight off free radicals, fiber to improve heart health, calcium for bone growth and they can also lower blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation. Most enjoy the superfruit in classic acai bowl combinations, but it’s just as delicious and nutritious served up smoothie-style. Try our smoothie recipe below!

RECIPE: Strawberry Acai Smoothie
2 servings

4 Tbsp. acai powder
2 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
1 cup of liquid (water or almond milk)

Blend together, adding more liquid as needed until desired consistency. Enjoy!