Back-to-School Vitamin ABC's

Posted on August 10, 2020

Do you know your nutrition ABCs? Whether students are back at school or learning virtually, now’s the perfect time to brush up on the basics!


  • Vitamin A: an important nutrient for promoting vision and immune system health.


  • B Vitamins: a group of vitamins that aid metabolism, energy production and healthy circulatory and nervous systems.


  • Vitamin C: a superstar vitamin known for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and skin; keeps blood vessels strong and speeds up the wound healing process. It also acts as an antioxidant and aids in strengthening the immune system.


  • Calcium: a mineral that works hard to keep growing bones healthy and strong.


  • Vitamin D: a highly regarded vitamin that helps to absorb calcium; improves dental and bone health.  


  • Vitamin E: an essential vitamin that protects cells and tissues from damage; helps promote the formation of red blood cells.


  • Fiber: a nutrient that supports a healthy digestive system. Along with adequate fluid intake, fiber helps move food efficiently through the body.


  • Iron: a vital nutrient that fights fatigue and helps build and maintain healthy blood. Without enough iron, children and teens will lack the energy needed for high-impact activities such as back-to-school sports.