Fuel up for Sports!

Posted on April 8, 2019


April might be known for having showers that bring May flowers, but the balmy April temperature also brings about the marked season opening of some popular sports. Much like the budding flowers of spring, athletes require the proper hydration and nutrition to grow and develop into MVP athletes.

When an athlete engages in intense activity, they damage tissues and deplete energy stores. It’s the food consumed pre- and post-activity that makes the difference. Athletes should include a balance of whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables at these meals. Moderation and variety are key to ensure peak performance both on and off of the field.

Hydration is also key to keeping their bodies in optimal shape by replenishing important electrolytes that are lost during the sweating process. Although there are many drinks out there promoted especially for athletes, use caution when choosing what to hydrate with—many of those beverages also have high sugar content. Water is always your best bet when it comes to ultimate hydration!