Tackle Game Day Snacking

Posted on January 10, 2023

Superbowl season is almost here! Together with family and friends, we watch, we yell and most of all, we eat. While our team’s best athletes are busy throwing, running, tackling and kicking, we are busy dining on cheesy dips, downing deep fried entrees, devouring decadent desserts and consuming sugary beverages. But, you also have an opportunity to choose nutritious options. Here's show to avoid the food fumble and keep on point toward a nutrition touchdown!

  • Avoid an error and don't skip meals. Some people think they should skip meals before a party to help cut down on caloric intake. However, having a full, healthy meal an hour or two before the event will ensure that you are not ravenous when you arrive and will help you to make more mindful food decisions.
  • Plan your huddle formation. We’ve all been there: huddling around the food, talking, laughing and having a good time while simultaneously snacking. Before you know it, the entire platter of buffalo wings is gone. To avoid this “mindless” eating, try your best to take your huddle away from the food. Mingle with other partygoers and focus on the game, the fun commercials or the exciting halftime show!
  • Score a touchdown with nutritious snacks. While wings and pizza are fun to enjoy, make room on your plate for more nutrient packed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats and breads with some fiber.
  • Pass on big portions. Big game day, big players, big food. With portion sizes having doubled, even tripled, in the last couple of decades, it's easy to overdo it. Be mindful of how much you are putting on your plate to keep your portion sizes in check. Ask for smaller serving utensils, use a smaller plate when eating or learn how to estimate proper portion size.
  • Take a sugary beverage time-out. Sugary beverages can also be hidden culprits behind high calorie consumption. Save calories by stocking the fridge with non-sugary beverages, like water and unsweetened iced tea.