Culinary Digital and Whitsons Partner to Launch 'Café Connections' Across 110 School Districts

Culinary Digital, a leading food-tech platform and Fulcrum Group LLC company, has announced a new project with Whitsons Culinary Group (Whitsons), a provider of customized dining services to public schools and more in the Northeast, to launch 'Café Connections' across 110 school districts. The alliance will bridge the communication gap for onsite staff, allowing Whitsons to deliver real-time information and updates directly to the onsite teams.

"We're growing at a very rapid rate, and the larger we get, the more challenges it presents in terms of trying to reach out to all our team members. The goal was to be in front of it and start coming up with solutions before we would have to go backwards looking for a solution," said Kelly Friend, Chief Operating Officer for Contract Management, Whitsons.

Café Connections is the newest innovation from Culinary Digital to manage the content on screens at each school with ease, helping to develop skills and keep team members engaged. The internal digital network of up to 700 screens connects Whitsons' K-12 cafeterias. Café Connections was inspired by the existing FD Connect, an employee communication platform for food contractors and self-operating cafeteria operation.

Additionally, Café Connections will:

  • Inform staff with real-time information on new products, plans, training, features or recalls.
  • Provide responsive communication between corporate/district office and onsite teams.
  • Offer flexibility by the system to personalize messages across each district.

Commenting on the partnership, Abilash Krishnaswamy, VP of Products, Culinary Digital, said, "We have been partners with Whitsons Culinary Group over the last 8 years and worked on various projects involving automation and digitization of back of the house and front of the office cafeteria management functions. Café Connections further strengthens our already existing long-term strategic partnership."

"The high-impact communications platform can be used to send day-to-day happenings, including OSHA training needs, supply chain challenges, newsletters, benefits and much more," continued Krishnaswamy.

"Our motto is People, Food and Communication. Not only does this align with our goals and our company culture, but it also addresses the food part of it. Each location can share what they're doing with the food being served. It's inspiring the team members," said Friend.

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