Whitsons' Commitment to Halal Certification

In an era where food safety, ingredient purity, and ethical treatment of animals are paramount concerns for consumers, Whitsons is taking a significant step towards addressing these issues. In response to the growing demand for Halal products, Whitsons’ Edison NJ Culinary Center has achieved Halal certification, reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity and quality.

Halal is for everyone. Regardless of their faith, gender, ethnicity, nationality, race, or age, anyone can eat Halal foods and lead a Halal lifestyle. Halal refers to food and beverages that adhere to specific religious guidelines. Whitsons has stepped up to the plate to meet the needs of this growing population.

One of the challenges for Halal-conscious consumers is identifying products that adhere to Halal standards. Whitsons addresses this concern through a rigorous certification process. Halal-certified products are easily identifiable, often marked with the Halal symbol or the letter “M.” This clear labeling ensures that consumers can make informed choices about the products they purchase and consume.

Central to the certification process is the implementation of a transparent and clear traceability plan for each product, including its raw materials. This meticulous approach guarantees that every product meets Halal requirements, providing our consumers with peace of mind and confidence in their choices.

At Whitsons, we understand that Halal certification goes beyond labeling. Team members at the Edison Culinary Center have undergone extensive training in storage, preparation, packing, and finished goods that align with Halal protocols. Additionally, an on-site facility audit, a pivotal part of the certification process, ensures that every aspect of the facility and food production plans are thoroughly reviewed and compliant with Halal standards. This comprehensive inspection guarantees that Whitsons’ Halal-certified products meet all necessary obligations, offering consumers a reliable choice they can trust.

In choosing our Halal-certified products, consumers can be confident that they are selecting items that have undergone thorough inspection and adhere to Halal requirements. It’s not just about meeting a standard; it’s about setting a benchmark for trust and transparency in the food industry.