Whitsons Ranked 6th on the HSUS Protein Sustainability Scorecard

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently published their annual Protein Sustainability Scorecard, which assesses how companies are taking action to achieve their sustainability goals. Whitsons is proud to be ranked 6th on the HSUS Protein Sustainability Scorecard, showing our commitment to providing increased plant-based options to customers. Whitsons continues to increase sustainable plant-based menu offerings through the Veggabóls program, in partnership with the HSUS.

The Whitsons Veggabóls program offers several innovative and flavorful plant-based recipes developed by the HSUS team of chefs, which replicates Whitsons meat-based menu items with plant-based options that do not include animal products. By increasing healthy, sustainable plant-based menu items, Whitsons is proud to provide offerings to customers who prefer meatless diets, introduce customers to more diverse menu options, and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Using the HSUS Menu Substitution Green House Gas (GHG) Tracker, school nutrition locations can measure the amount of GHG saved by replacing an animal protein with a plant-based protein in each Veggabóls recipe served. Over a one-month period, school nutrition locations that offered Veggabóls menu items reported 7,909 lbs. of GHG savings, which equates to 9,015 miles driven, 155 lbs. of trash bags recycled, and 176 trees planted.

Click here to read the HSUS Sustainability Scorecard, which evaluates and recognizes food service companies that prioritize sustainability and animal welfare by offering more plant-based meals on their menus.