Simply Rooted®

Our Simply Rooted® philosophy of wholesome food and family values represents our commitment to helping people to live healthier lives by moving food in a more nourishing and natural direction. We believe it is important to serve the same kinds of meals to our customers that we would serve to our own family and you would serve to yours.

Simply Rooted

Simply Rooted® in Food

Wholesome food is much more than just the ingredients found (or not found) within our meals; it considers the methods used to grow, farm and handle our ingredients as well. This is the core of our philosophy—a return to traditional, wholesome ingredients the way nature intended us to eat; back to the farm and to food straight from the source; and a commitment to providing clean, natural ingredients and when possible, organic, non-GMO and locally sourced products.



Simply Rooted® in Family

We value family, and not just because we are one. The way our onsite teams serve our customers by developing personal connections continues to be the foundation of our success, and as a NMSDC-certified minority-owned business, we embrace diversity as part of our mission. Our company’s commitment to family values can best be expressed through our mindset to Be the Best Part of Someone’s Day.

Our philosophy is simple. Nurtured by family values, we provide wholesome, affordable meals
to all of our customers, on our journey to build a better food system for all.